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A photo trip to discover France

You like both travel and photography? It is not easy to conciliate both. Even with travel books and local documentation, it remains complicated to arrive in unknown country, to plan a trip allowing you to see the “main places” (which is already subjective) and on top of that being there at the right time to allow you taking the best pictures.

Séjour photo Aubrac

Thus, we propose to accompany you during this trip: a professional photographer who perfectly knows your destination will guide you the the best places, not only the ones you could find in each single tourist information. You will see varied landscapes, meet local people, discover local wildlife; we intend to make this travel unforgettable for you and allow you to go back home with great pictures in mind and… in your camera!

A photo trip for all

Whatever your experience in photography or your preferred domain, you will have the opportunity to make great pictures. In small groups (max 8 people), your guide will have time enough for each of you for advices and technical explanations. I will also be possible to organize some kind of training sessions on development softwares to make your photos as beautiful as possible.

Séjour photo montagne

During the shooting sessions, you might ask all the questions you have in mind; between each session, time will be spent for development. thus, each of you will start working on their images and you might take this opportunity to get advises from the professional photographer. It will also be the opportunity to discuss in advance about the next session and prepare it to be ready at this time: composition rules, camera settings, etc.

A photo trip for you

Next trip is coming very soon!

Please note that we will do our best to provide you with English description for each trip as soon as possible but the complete content is in French for the time being. Do not hesitate to contact us for details or if you would like us to organize a personalized trip!